Refund Policy

Refund Money

All offers of Recharge are last and there will be no discount or trade allowed. It would be ideal if you make a special effort to be prompted that you are answerable for the Mobile/landline number, Data card or DTH record number you buy Recharge for and all charges that come about because of those buys. MITSL is not answerable for any buy of Recharge for a mistaken mobile/landline number, information card record number or DTH record number.

In case of technical fault fund will be stored in ballet account and it would be reuseable, there is no refundable policy. In any special case Please note in refund cases, the concerned bank may take 4-7 working days to post a credit to your account.

Cancellation & Return Policy

There is no cancellation policy. If your recharge failed then it would be reuseable from ballent balance. After forwarding the fund to next host, it would not be refunded by us, in that case service provider will be responsible.

Special Case

In a situation where a transaction was finished by you on the Site, and cash charged to your card or financial balance however a Recharge was most certainly not conveyed inside 24 hours of the transaction then you may please tell us by filling the structure on the Support page. In the event that the appeal put by you is esteemed right, you might be qualified for a full discount. We ask for you to merge in the email the accompanying subtle elements the Mobile/landline Number, Data Card or DTH Account Number, Operator name, Recharge esteem, Transaction date and Order. The measure of Recharge at that point will be discounted to you inside 7 working days from the date of the receipt of your email.

About the company

We are a Reseller Only. Any debate on the quality, minutes gave, price, lapse, or different terms of the company bought must be taking care of specifically between you the company.

Transport Tickets

It doesn't work transport administrations of its own. With a specific end goal to give a thorough decision of transport drivers, takeoff times and costs to clients, it has tied up with many transport specialists and administration suppliers. The company's recommendation to clients is to pick transport drivers they are mindful of and whose administration they are agreeable with.

Obligations incorporate

  • Issuing a real ticket (a ticket that will be acknowledged by the transport driver) for its system of transport administrators
  • Providing discount and backing in the occasion of dropping
  • Providing client backing and data in the event of any postponement / burden.
  • The company's obligations don't incorporate:
  • The transport specialist's transport not withdrawing / arriving at one time.
  • The transport driver's workers being discourteous
  • The transport driver's transport seats and so on not being dependent upon the client's desire
  • The transport driver wiping out the excursion because of unavoidable reasons.
  • The things of the client getting lost / stolen / harmed.
  • The transport driver changing a client's seat at last to oblige a woman / kid.
  • The client holding up at the wrong sheets point (please call the transport driver to discover the precise sheets point in the event that you are not a general explorer on that specific transport).

The transport specialist changing the sheets point or utilizing a pick-up vehicle at the sheets point to take clients to the transport takeoff point. The landing and takeoff times specified on the ticket are just conditional timings. However the transport won't leave the source before the time that is specified on the ticket

Passengers are obliged to outfit the accompanying at the time of preparing to leave the transport:

Change of transport: on the off chance that the transport specialist changes the kind of transport because of some reason, the company will discount the differential add up to the client after being insinuated by the clients in 24 hours of the trip.

Cancellation Policy: Read the ticket wiping out arrangement precisely. Tickets will be scratched off according to the dropping strategy specified with the ticket.

The transaction charges won't be discounted in the occasion of ticket undoing.

Refund strategy said on the ticket is characteristic. The genuine dropping charges are controlled by transport specialists and transport suppliers at the real-time of wiping out. The company has no part in overseeing the dropping charges.

Cancelation charges are ascertained on the real admission of the ticket. On the off-chance that any rebate coupons are utilized while acquiring the ticket, the reduced quality might be used to compute the discount sum when a ticket is drop.

These conveniences will be given unless a few special cases on specific days. Any discounts / guarantees because of non-working or un-accessibility of these administrations need to be settled specifically with the transport administration supplier.

Coupon Redemption

Coupon reclamation is simply subjected to standard and specified terms and conditions said by the separate retailer. Coupons are issued on benefit of the separate retailer. Subsequently, any harm, damages, misfortunes caused by the end client by utilizing the coupon is not the obligation of the company.

Bill Payments

With a specific end goal to utilize the Service, You may need to get access to the World Wide Web, either straightforwardly or through gadgets that get to online substance and pay any administration charges connected with such get to. Likewise, you must have all gear important to make such association with the World Wide Web, including a machine and modem or different access gadget.

The company or the company's Business Partner maintains all authority to charge and recoup from the User, expenses for benefitting the Services. These progressions should be practical from the time they are presented on the Website or over the Business Partner channel through which you are receiving the valuable Service. You are bound by such changes and ought to subsequently visit the Website or check with the Business Partner channel through which you are benefitting the Service to audit the current expenses now and again.

In case you stop or look for an inversion of the Payment Instructions as may have been submitted, the company might be qualified for charge and recoup you and you should be obligated to pay such charges to the Bill Payment Service as may be chosen by the company. These charges might be charged on to your designated Payment Account or in whatever viable way as may be chosen by us. The company offers a helpful and secure approach to make installments towards distinguished Biller(s) utilizing a real Payment Account. Contingent on the Business Partner through whom the Service is profited by you

  • The particular characteristics of the Service may contrast.
  • The number of Billers accessible over the Service can contrast.
  • The sort and extent of Payment Accounts that could be utilized to issue a Payment Instructions can contrast.
  • the modes/devices over which the Service could be gotten to can vary; and
  • The charges, expenses for benefitting the Service or any part of the Service can contrast. Particular subtle elements identified with these perspectives might be accessible with the Business Partner or the channel over which the Service is constantly profited.

Every now and then, the company, at its sole tact, adds to or erase from such rundown of Billers or sorts of Payment Accounts that could be utilized as a part of admiration of making installments to a Biller. In any occasion,

  • The sort and reach of Payment Accounts that might be utilized for making installments may vary for every Biller relying upon Biller details
  • There may be an extra fees/charge when utilizing certain sorts of Payment Accounts in admiration of a Biller; what's more.
  • The terms whereupon an installment might be made to a Biller can contrast relying upon whether a Card or a Bank Account is utilized to issue the Payment Instruction. Further relying upon the particular offices permitted by through a Business Partner, installments to a Biller might be made either.

  • By issuing a Payment Instruction for an online debit/charge to a Payment Account; or
  • By planning a mechanized charge to a Payment Account.

While enrolling for the administration or to any such number supplanted and educated by the client, with the end goal of gathering sentiment from the client on their travel, the transport offices or administrations of the transport specialist. Grievances and cases identified with the transport adventure ought to be accounted for to help group inside 10 days of your travel date.

Utilization of site

You comprehend that except for data, items or administrations plainly demonstrated as being supplied, we don't work, control or support any data, items or administrations on the Internet in at any rate. You additionally comprehend that the company can't and does not make sure or permit that records accessible for downloading through the Site will be free of infections, worms or other code that may be harming. You are capable for executing systems to fulfill your specific prerequisites and for correctness of information enter and yield.

Restricted Conduct

By utilizing the Services you agree not to:

Utilize the Services for any reasons other than to buy Recharge of the company's or to get to the Services as per these Terms and Conditions and in that capacity administrations are offered by the company mimic any personal or element, dishonestly claim or overall adulterate a connection with any individual or substance, or access the records of others without authorization, fashion an alternate persons' computerized mark, adulterate the source, character, or substance of data transmitted through the Services, do any viable comparable false movement or generally buy Recharge with what we sensibly accept to be possibly deceitful stores encroach our or any outsider licensed innovation rights, privileges of reputation or security utilize the Services in the event that You are under the age of eighteen (18) without a parental support or in any occasion utilize the Services in the event that You are under the time of thirteen (13) years of age even with a parental supporter and as per law post or send any message which is hostile, defamatory or which uncovers private or particular matters about any individual post or send any message, information, picture or system which is explicit in nature decline to coordinate in an examination or give affirmation of Your personality or whatever passable data You give to the company uproot, dodge, handicap, harm or generally meddle with security-related characteristics of the Services and the Site or characteristics that carry out limits on the utilization of the Services figure out, decompose, dismantle or overall attempt to find the source code of the Services or any part thereof, aside from and just to the degree that such disallowing is explicitly denied by relevant law despite this confinement utilize the Services within any way that could harm, handicap, overburden, or debilitate it, including, without confinement, utilizing the Services as a part of a computerized way change, adjust, interpret or make subordinate works based upon the Services and the Site or any part thereof, with the exception of and just to the degree that such forbidden is explicitly restricted by law despite this constraint deliberately meddle with or harm operation of the Services or whatever available client's pleasure in it, by any methods, including transferring or overall scattering infections, adware, spyware, worms, or different pernicious code or document with tainting or ruinous characteristics utilize any robot, arachnid, other planned gadget, or manual procedure to screen or duplicate the Site without former composed consent meddle or disturb this Site or systems associated with this Site make any move that forces a nonsensical or excessively expansive load on our foundation/ system utilize any gadget, programming or standard to sidestep the Site's robot rejection headers, or meddle or attempt to meddle, with the Services produce headers or control identifiers or other information so as to guise the start of any substance transmitted through our Site or to control your vicinity on our Site offer the Services, data, or programming connected with or inferred from it utilize the offices and abilities of the Site to lead any action or request the execution of any unlawful movement or other movement which encroaches the privileges of others rupture this Agreement or any viable assertions or arrangement give false, off base or deluding data utilize the Site to gather or acquire particular data, including without constraint, fiscal data, about different clients of the Site buy Recharge with what the company sensibly accepts to be conceivably false subsidizes utilize the Services as a part of a way that brings about or may bring about protests, debate, inversions, charge back, expenses, fines, punishments and other obligation to the company, an outsider or You utilize the Services as a part of a way that the company or any installment card organize sensibly accept to be an ill-use of the installment card framework or a violation of installment card system tenets make any move that may cause the company to lose any of the Services from its administration suppliers, the company's, installment processors or different suppliers send mechanized appeal of any sort to the Site's framework without express authorization ahead of time from the company.

Privacy Policy & Information Usage

We regard your protection at the company and worth your trust. Sympathetic read our Privacy Policy precisely for data identified with our accumulation, utilization, and revelation of your particular data. The Privacy Policy is consolidated by reference in this Agreement. Utilization of the website site, WAP site and provisions and/ or its administrations constitutes acknowledgement of the Privacy Policy. For more data check our nitty-gritty Privacy Policy.

Account passwords and registration :

You concur that the data you give to the company on enrollment and at all different times, including installment, will be accurate, precise, current, what's more finish. You additionally agree that you will guarantee that this data is stayed up with the latest. In the event that You have motivation to accept that Your Account is no more secure (e.g., in the occasion of a misfortune, robbery or unapproved revelation or utilization of Your record ID, PIN, Password, or any credit, charge or prepaid money card number or net banking login/password, if material), then You consent to quickly advise the company and recognize the company from any liabilities that may emerge from the abuse of Your Account.

Username and password: